Palais des Congrés
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• 500m2 air-conditioned room, wooden dance floor

• Terrace / court 

• Professional sound system special tango (provided by Konstantinos..)

• Gender balanced 

• Participants limited (200)

• Over 6 International DJs, 30h dance

• Fee is 65 euros per person

Required confirmed registration, no ticket on the spot 

The participant will get:
- admission to the Tango Marathon 2014
- refreshments during the Marathon (coffee, tea, water, syrup) 

- about 1:00 AM (change of dj) snacks, fruit, salty and sweet cakes, wine etc.)

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Marathon Tango

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Les Nuits Tanguera 4

Vendredi 18 juillet - Dimanche 20 juillet 2014.

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La Grande Motte

• Its geographical location near the mediterranean sea is quite outstanding, close to Montpellier and Nîmes. In fact, this is the ideal starting point for tours of Roman Gaul, Provence and Camargue (veritable paradise for animals and, more especially, birds).

Busy summer (night and day), the Grande Motte is protected from heat through the direct influence of the sea.


• It is a seaside sunny and green resort with:

- Large beaches with miles of regularly cleaned fine sand

- 88 hectares of woodland, 195 hectares of public parks and gardens,

- pool complex, golf, tennis, sailing...

- thalassotherapy institute…


• Close to Marathon place (Palais des Congrès) there are:

-  Many beaches

- A great range of accommodation, traditional hotels, self-catering accommodation… and many campsites
- Restaurants, snakes, bars…

- A big free car park (100m from Marathon place)


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